"As a facilitator, Marike stands out as someone who is warm and engaging and thus able to make participants feel at ease immediately. Marike truly has a remarkable ability to interact and connect with people. By creating the kind of environment in which participants thrive, Marike is always able to show clear and impressive outcomes for the sessions she runs. A few other things that come to mind are Marike’s faultless professionalism, razor sharp wit, the strategic thought that goes into all her activities and the ability to deal masterfully with any kind of situation."

Hubertus von Welck, Former Regional Director, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

"The very first thing I want to say about working with Marike, is that it is delightful.  Delightful because of her open mind, her attitude towards learning, growth and discovery and her commitment to those very same things.  Because of this, she brings to her facilitation a way of being that is deeply respectful, deeply democratic, with a genuine appreciation of - and ease with - diversity in all its glory.  
Marike is not afraid to challenge, and she is not afraid to step back and allow.  This for me is the heart of a great facilitator.  In addition, as a person, she is open, honest and kind - supportive of participants whilst knowing when and how to place boundaries that facilitate personal discovery and growth.  In the 8 years that I have worked with her I have learned so much from her about how to balance diplomacy and straight-talking, vulnerability with strength." 

Trisha Lord, Director: BraveHeart, Time To Think Faculty Member, Consultant, Facilitator and Coach

"I have prepared and facilitated 2 trainings programmes with Marike Groenewald, one in Africa in 2015, one in Europe in 2016. During this cooperation I came to experience her extraordinary skill sets that make her extremely resourceful and a great pleasure to work with. Firstly, I was able to experience her profound understanding of new facilitation and training techniques. She follows relevant discussions about these techniques, tries them out herself, and comes to her own professional conclusions where and when to use them. This results in her very interactive and highly innovative training concepts. Secondly, she combines these skills with a decade of personal hands-on experience in organisational development and human resource development. This practical background makes her programmes highly relevant for the work place. Clients in the corporate and civil society sectors will find her work highly valuable.
Finally, her open and embracing personality allows her to build trusting relationships, also with international and intercultural audiences. Her commitment and positive attitude makes the cooperation with her a great pleasure for clients and co-trainers alike. I do not hesitate to recommend Marike as she is certainly among the most outstanding training and facilitation providers I have worked with."

Rainer Heufers, Managing Director: SIAP Solutions Pte. Ltd. Singapore

"Marike is a uniquely authentic person with a real connection to people. She has a genuine interest in what motivates and drives individuals. Her commitment is seen in daily interactions, where she seeks to ensure that each person with whom she engages is supported in seeking opportunities to develop and grow. Her particular passion is in developing a deeper understanding of and providing support to leadership development, and her commitment for this project is visible in all that she undertakes.
Marike is extremely skilled in developing excellent training programmes that convey information or teach skills, both in classroom or in a virtual environment. However, it is in the area of building healthy teams and supporting individuals in a challenging environment that Marike thrives and excels. She has a special skill in setting her participants off on a pathway that encourages them to grapple with all aspects of personal development, including personal branding, public speaking, writing skills, strategy and project management. Her facilitation style is warm yet inspiring, rapidly putting all participants at ease and encouraging them to participate in a non-threatening and supported environment. Simultaneously, she provides the space and the challenge to all to think more deeply, explore solutions and be unafraid to articulate these.
Marike’s programmes are universally life-changing. She has flair and talent in all areas of facilitation, development and training. A quietly thoughtful and wise individual who cares deeply, she inspires all who engage with her."

Penny Tainton, Analyst: eLearning and After Schools Game Changers, Department of the Premier, Western Cape Government

"Working with Marike Groenewald means to cooperate with an outstanding professional who contributes an enormous amount of knowledge and experience with a smile and without making any fuss about it. Her talent and skills in communication allow her to easily work with her colleagues but also to deal with multicultural and high ranking groups of professionals and leaders. She gets groups - also in difficult situations - to the results she aims for because she can motivate and inspire participants with clear guidance presented in a charming and empathetic way. Any time I can I will take the chance to continue working with Marike and benefit from her capacity and team spirit!"

Wulf Pabst, Seminar Leader, Political Consultant